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Bollard tube with integral passive infrared(PIR) motion sense. Efficient and cost-effective LED bollards for the illumination of ground surfaces. It is characterised by high luminous efficiency and great uniformity of illuminance. Its sturdy construction makes it especially suitable for areas in which considerable robustness is required. Wash lighting with a wide beam, asymmetrical and rotationally symmetrical light distribution for the illumination of pathways, entrance areas and driveways in private and public areas. Black optical unit for lighting control. A high reflectance powder-coated aluminium reflector. Lighting source positioned horizontally downward to avoid upwards flow.

180° head shield(Optional): Half shield of bollard head. Light exit 180°. Slide shield, the 180° light distribution direction is adjustable as required.

Integrated base: Base totally concealed inside the bollard.

Base stabilisation: With a greater thickness to avoid weaknesses and mean it can be installed in private areas of public spaces like shopping centres or hotels.

Base straight: The special base to ensure the bollard remain completely straight during installation and prevent leaning.

65Die-casting aluminium alloy; Extruded aluminium profiles; Clear polycarbonate diffuser; Aluminium reflectorPIR motion sensor. Advanced base system. Rotationally symmetrical light distribution. Black optical unit for lighting control. Lighting source positioned horizontally downward to avoid upwards flow.