Founded by Mr ZHANG YOUKANG in 1980s, initially aluminium die casting company, managed to reform from 2005 to be a lighting company, concentrating on quality and self-desing exterior lighting products. Owned by 100% by the family, UCOME is a private company having own land, proterties, and facilities. 8000 square meter prdouction area is being used at this moment, in addition to the existing factory, thre is a new facotry with 15000 square meters production area will be ready for operation later 2012 or early 2013. UCOME is operated by ISO9000 quality ensurance system, and managed with ERP computer system, through which procurement, production, development can be combined and evaluated by a precise and efficient way. UCOME has own research and development team, equiped with computer-aid system, like Solidworks, and Unigraphix, through which 90% of the products are self-designed and engineered.

Existing Facotry 8000 square meters (Owned since 1980s)

New Factory 15000 square meters (ready for operation later 2012 or early 2013)